Research Opportunities

Several reasons to work in the ERP lab

  • You will work closely with me (Dr. Leynes) and the lab members. I will get to know you better and observe your abilities outside of the classroom. Therefore, I can write more complete reference letters for your future grad school, professional school, or job applications.
  • You will learn some basic research skills. This knowledge will be very valuable if you plan to attend graduate school. Working in teams and having responsibility is also valuable training for the general workforce.
  •  You will learn about cognitive neuroscience, and you may decide that you want to pursue it for a career.
  •  You get course credit!
  •  Lab students have been accepted to many graduate programs, received graduate fellowships, been accepted into honor societies, completed honors thesis and senior projects, and won many scholarships (ERP Lab Member Awards and Accomplishments). Work in the lab enhances an application for these awards and honors.
What qualifications do students need to get this experience?

Basic qualifications that are required to be considered for the lab:

  • must be a TCNJ student
  •  must successfully complete the application process (described below). No other special qualifications are required.

I seek students who have strong social skills, meet deadlines, and pay attention to detailed instructions. Students enrolled in one of my classes have an advantage because these skills can be directly observed. If you have not had contact with me, I encourage you to distinguish your application in the written responses, attending a Neuroclub meeting, and/or introducing yourself.

When should you apply to join the lab?
  • Applications are accepted at any time during the semester.  However, open seats in the course are allocated as students successfully complete the application process. Therefore, an early application ensures full consideration.
How do you apply to join the lab?
  • Download the erplab_application, complete it, save it (as a word, doc or docx, or pdf – I don’t have a mac), use your last name as the filename, and email the application to Dr. Leynes. I use the application information to determine whether the ERP lab can provide the experience that you are seeking – so provide detail, but be concise. I will consider all applications that are complete and emailed to me in the order that they are received.
  • If you want to apply to other Psychology labs, then visit the Psychology Department’s common lab application. This is a link to a Qualtrics survey.

What is the selection process?

  •  A few weeks before registration opens, I will review all applications and begin to select students for interviews with me (Dr. Leynes). I give preference to applicants that I have observed in some context (e.g., a class, Neuroclub, etc.).
  • After the interview with me, students will be interviewed by the current lab managers.
  • After the interview process, I will offer seats to students who are a good fit with the the ERP lab experience. When students accept these offers, I will register him or her for the course.
  • This process continues until all open seats for the next semester have been filled.